Sitemap - 2023 - In This Moment: A Rabbi's Notebook

New Year's Resolutions, Jewish Style

If Not Now, When?

How should a Jew respond to ‘Merry Christmas’?

Is Parsing Antisemitic?

Hanukkah: It's Complicated (Especially This Year)

"Authentic," Merriam-Webster "Word of the Year," is making a comeback, and it can save us all

Hamas' Hostage Strategy Has Failed

Child Sacrifice, Hamas and "The Hunger Games"

Jewish Unity Was Fun While It Lasted

An Idea for Thanksgiving: Laugh a Little!

Dear John

Is "From the River to the Sea" Offensive?

Dates That Live in Infamy, Independently, and Indelibly

One lesson from Kristallnacht is positively terrifying after Oct. 7

Ceasefire for Hostages?

The Right Side of History

"Conquering the Amalek Within"

The Badass People

What Moral Clarity Is - And Isn't

The Recipe for Going Forward (Spoiler: Bibi's Not Gonna Like It)

Welcome to Sodom

Responding to Accusations of Genocide

Developing God's Image

Lessons from Noah, Babel and Gaza

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Jewish

The Botched Gaza Hospital Explosion Story: Fog of War - or Epic Blood Libel?

Presenting the Harvard Class of (October 7) '23

There's a reason they call it "knee-jerk"

This Time, No One's Asking Israel for a "Proportionate Response"

The Keys

Israel's Rosa Parks Moment

Shattered Tablets, Broken Democracies

Introduction to Judaism, Session 1: What is Judaism

It's Time to Marginalize "Marginalize"

"Are you there, Margaret? It’s me, God."

Midnight in the Garden of Eden

I Asked Chat GPT to Translate the Sh'ma into 20 languages and provide commentary. I did a better job.

From Silence to Defiance: Profiles in Chutzpah from Warsaw to Wiesel

A Week That Changed Everything

Jewish & Democratic is not an either/or proposition

God's Signature

Is the Wicked, Wicked Man Just Misunderstood?

My Annual Super Bowl Prediction, Using Jewish Sources

Why “He Gets Us” Gets Jews Nervous

Flexibility, Fluidity and Fauda

My First ChatGPT Sermon

Shab-BOT Shalom!

Friday the 13th: Freddy and Jason Make Shabbos

Heschel's Audacity and Hamlin's Injury

Whose Side is God On, Anyway?